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Had lunch at Little River Winery today and highly recommend staying… - Consume Perth! - Restaurant Reviews [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Consume Perth! - Restaurant Reviews

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[Mar. 16th, 2008|07:48 pm]
Consume Perth! - Restaurant Reviews


Had lunch at Little River Winery today and highly recommend staying away from it.
(Address 2 Forest Rd, Henley Brook)

The wine was very poor quality, and had high pressure sales in the tasting room. My parents and I know quite a bit about wine, and the vast majority of what she was pushing on us was bull. She also made assumptions, such as that I, as a young female would have to love sweet whites, and the man next to me was a beer drinker.

The decor was particularly of note, as it was a mismatched assortment of plastic lawn furniture with table-cloths and cushions, both of which seem to have been pulled from the Good Sammy's bin.

As for the food, it was a very limited menu, all of which were simple cold platters, or a choice of two salads. We had the main platter, and some bread with dukkah. It was alright, but nothing special, just some sliced meats and some olives. The bread was fresh and the cab sav merlot was okay.

The service was also very average. The one good point was that the dessert menu looked good, but after waiting 20min with the menus, we decided to give up and go down the road to the Margaret River Chocolate Factory.
The 'booking' system was just whether or not the waitress remembered your name. There was at least one other family annoyed by being seated at an inappropriately sized table. That same family raised the question Mum and I were thinking; "Is this the only menu?"

I was very upset by this, as it was supposed to be a special outing, the first time I took my parents out for their birthdays.