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Jade Chinese Seafood Restaurant - Consume Perth! - Restaurant Reviews [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Jade Chinese Seafood Restaurant [Nov. 26th, 2007|08:10 pm]
Consume Perth! - Restaurant Reviews


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Address: 40 Francis Street Northbridge (was "Jade Dynasty")

I went here with my family, most of whom hadn't gone to dimsum much if at all. I can't eat soy, milk fat, or anything deep fried and my grandma has a lingering reluctance to at pork or prawns from her jewish upbringing, which affected what we ordered and means I can't personally vouch for some dishes. (Also some got eaten before I had the chance :)) We both found enough to eat to be happy, I think even a vegetarian could find 2 or 3 different dishes to eat (plus many desserts), but as you'd expect it's mostly pork and seafood.

Had lots of dishes, off the top of my head:
bean curd rolls: I think they were a bit odd for my family, but they looked tasty :)
steamed buns: Pork were VERY popular, chicken not so much
steamed dumplings: afaict every variety of prawn + X, all delicious. Vegetarian, nice if a bit plain. "Sharks fin" (not actually made of shark) were popularish
Deep fried: prawn and almond, odd but tasty. Prawns, octopus, and spring rolls very popular.
Greens and oyster sauce: very nice, less greasy than it usually is.
Desserts: custard tarts and mango pudding went down very well. Sponge cake was too buttery for me, and noone else wanted it.
Soy milk: apparently tastier than the stuff you get from stores.

Overall there was all the stuff you'd expect from a largeish dimsum place, except I'd say there was less chicken dishes than usual (which will make things difficult for jews, muslims etc). There's also apparently a buffet steamboat thing but I didn't see it. No european tea (I'm not sure about coffee), so my grandma made do with free chinese tea and soy milk :)

We all loved it. The service was reasonably good in that carts came round pretty quickly, but they were quite slow with orders for things like water or extra tea. Also for some reason the dessert cart avoided us for literally two hours until I went up and asked him to come over (and then couldn't eat anything. But it made my family happy!) The staff were all reasonably good at describing what dishes were made of, though some were a little pushy about it ("It's prawn covered in almonds. It's delicious! You'll like it! Trust me!!")

The prices were pretty average, I think, starting from $3 per dish. All up it cost $160 for nine people.

The decor is quite nice, fairly standard for a nice chinese restaurant (brush paintings of flowers on the walls etc) with high ceilings and lots of room between tables making it less horribly noisy than dimsum can be.

It was reasonably busy, but we found a table for 9 immediately when we arrived at 11am on a Sunday. I don't know how long you'd have to wait if you arrived later.

[User Picture]From: applepo
2008-01-03 07:02 am (UTC)
Golden Centry has quite some nice steam dishes, and joy garden (just opposite to Jade) is pretty good too with reasonable price.

If you like Chinese BBQ dishes, just walk down Francis St, there is a small chinese restaurant call Hongkong BBQ Restaurant (with green roof), the chicken dishes are delish (i can't remember the name but i think it is roast chicken, which is usually served with roast pork, roast duck and bbq pork in a mixed meat plate..)
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[User Picture]From: alias_sqbr
2008-01-07 12:29 am (UTC)
Ooh, thanks!
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From: (Anonymous)
2008-02-03 09:03 am (UTC)

TERRIBLE HYGIENE - JADE Chinese Restaurant (Northbridge)

Chopsticks for customers were wiped with stained table cloths which had been used to wipe all the tables and goodness knows what else the cloths were used for. Food like shrimps which dropped onto the floor was told by management to be reheated and placed back to be sold to customers. My friends and I saw everything ourselves, we sat near the kitchen door which allows us to see everything of their behaviour. A waitress accidentally drop a plate of shrimps and wanted to throw into the rubbish bin, but a lady manager took it from her and guess WHAT??? She reheated the shrimps and serve out to customers again...We leave the restaurant immediately... Yes, though the food is nice but for the sake of our own health and safety, it is totally unacceptable. We had suffered from the horrible experience of the restaurant and do not wish anyone to go through the same nightmares as us. This is JADE Chinese restaurant located 40 Francis St, Northbridge, WA 6003

Pass this message to the people you care, if you do not want them to ‘enjoy’ the results of the actions of the inconsiderate, reckless and irresponsible acts. Personally, I do not want my loved ones to get food poisoning or end up in hospitals. Hence, I am posting this message for your attention.
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