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A couple of places to review... [Feb. 25th, 2008|10:58 am]
Consume Perth! - Restaurant Reviews


That Little Mexican Place
Can be found on Fitzgerald St in North Perth.

This restaurant is quite small, and apparently only opens if they have a reservation. James and I went there a few weeks ago and had a great time - the food and service was fantastic. It's definitely more of a traditional Mexican place than something like Pancho's or Acapulco Annie's, and there are PLENTY of vegetarian/gluten free options (check out the menu on the website to see what I mean).

We started off with some guacamole dip (with blue/grey chips!!). They were novel and yummy.

For mains I ordered Quesadilla de carne asada (grilled steak covered in 2 different cheeses, between 2 flour tortillas). I expected it to be the Mexican version of a steak sanga, but it wasn't quite like that. It came out looking sort of like an omelete, and was so delicious and filling!
Now it's been a while, so I can't remember exactly what James had other than that it was delicious and there was lamb involved. If you can't handle anything too spicy/want lots of spice, a variety of sauces come with the mains, ranging from mild (read: not spicy at all) to very hot (wasn't game to try it).

After taking the time to digest, we shared a Flan de coco for dessert :D
It was a pretty great place, the only thing I wouldn't recommend was the 'flavoured waters', sort of like a Mexican juice. I got the watermelon flavoured one, it was kinda gross tasting :/

Also as James found out when he went back a few days later is that they seem to have trouble with large groups. He went with about 7 friends and somehow every course was forgotten and they received their mains at 10pm. He was very disappointed, especially after we had such good service a few days earlier.

Murray St, Perth

I'd only ever been to Carnegie's when it was packed with drunk people on a Saturday night, so it was nice to be able to walk in, sit down and have a meal there.
The prices were good (came to about $30/head, though that depended on what you were drinking. The place is known for its cocktails, which range from $9-$20.)

We split the ('very' large) turkish bread & dips between the four of us, and it turned out that it was (almost) too much. The plate was huge, with 3 yummy dips to choose from.

The other three had burgers/steak sandwiches, which were apparently very good, but I was less impressed with my bacon & prawn skewer with saffron rice, I wouldn't really recommend it (also it came sans skewer??).

We were actually pretty impressed with the service, apparently Sunday nights are usually dead and there was only ONE person for floorstaff. She managed really well by herself, there was another table of four, a table of two, and a couple of small groups sitting outside. Poor thing.

The music made for great atmosphere too :)

Exomod cafe
Beaufort St, Mt Lawley.

OH MY GOD, a cafe open at 11pm on a Sunday!! Actually, all of Mt Lawley seemed to be open. Anyway, this place was awesome. It's open 24hrs on Friday and Saturday too.

Really funky decor, good coffee and cake. My Bulgarian mocha and James' ice coffee came to $9~. Service was kinda slow (looked like they were understaffed and the place was full), but the coffees were worth it when they finally arrived. Water was self-serve, and infused with orange/lemon/something green. They looked really cool.

There were people on wireless, I don't know if it was free or not. But yeah, a really good place to hang out, I'll be going back there again.